Green Group Climate Adaptation Accelerator

The business sector has a key role in providing solutions to facilitate climate adaptation. The Green Group therefore supports start-ups from all around the globe to level up their early-stage solutions and bring them to the market more quickly and efficiently. The Group's Climate Adaptation Accelerator provides selected start-ups with a tailor-made programme and networking opportunities with industry partners, financial advisors, potential investors and clients.

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Agri-Food Edition 2023

How might we design innovative and sustainable agri-food solutions that can help optimize water or energy usage while minimising environmental impact? 

This was the challenge of the Accelerator's first Agri-Food Edition in 2023, co-created in partnership with Stratecis. Agriculture uses 65% of the world's fresh water, with around 45% of it being wasted. In addition to that, more than one-quarter of all global energy is spent on food production. The compounded effect of climate, water and food insecurity makes it primordial to bring to the table more sustainable agri-food solutions. In other words, the global community needs more food, produced with less water and energy, and with a lesser environmental impact.

The Accelerator's goal was to level up six innovative start-up solutions that addressed this unique agri-food challenge while promoting environmental sustainability and economic viability. The six selected startups received four months’ capacity-building support through group workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions, deep-dive sessions on value architecture, business models, marketing and traction building, resource management and costing. The start-ups also worked on the investor readiness and the art of pitching.

The programme culminated in the final Demo Day at COP28 in Dubai on 10 December 2023, COP28's thematic day on water and food systems. Start-ups had the opportunity to pitch their innovative solutions in front of an expert jury composed of Dr. Khalil Ammar (Programme Leader, ICBA), Anas BaChar (Managing Director, Sprezzatura Advisors), Alexander Kappes (CEO, Greener Crop) and Sonia Weymuller (Co-Founder and General Partner, VentureSouq) as well as the global community of policymakers, business representatives and investors. The winning start-up Circa Biotech received an additional two months of support to access the market.

Meet the Green Group Climate Adaptation Accelerator Start-ups 2023

Circa Biotech, UAE – winning start up

By using black soldier fly larvae, Circa Biotech upcycles organic waste into protein-rich animal feed. In addition to solving the food waste issue, it also reduces methane emissions by providing an alternative to the traditional decomposition of organic waste in landfills.

Cupmena, Egypt

Cupmena diverts coffee ground waste from landfills to reliable collection systems, thus reducing methane emissions and environmental degradation. In parallel, it repurposes coffee waste as a nutrient-rich substrate for mushroom production and organic compost.

EcoBees, Tunisia

Ecobees provides beekeepers with smart monitoring devices, which facilitate bee conservation and hive management with real-time data. It also offers an online marketplace and training, and contributes to general awareness of the importance of  bees for biodiversity and food security.

Greeners, Palestine

Greeners provides farmers with environmentally friendly liquid-fertiliser made in an innovative and patented way, reusing absorbed carbon dioxide emissions. It provides a sustainable alternative to harmful chemical fertilisers.

Lait Espoir, Tunisia

Lait Espoir helps farmers manage the most frequent problems in cattle breeding through a SMARTFARM application. It helps them detect diseases, prepare an optimal fodder and feed agenda, and optimise their profit margin.


Moree helps food producers eliminate single-use packaging. It has created an endlessly reusable and washable form of packaging, which is flexible, economical and connected to their digital platform for tracking and data.