Panel Discussion on Inland Climate Adaptation

  • Climate and Water

This video follows a panel discussion on climate adaptation, where the authors elaborate on the projects and findings presented earlier. Their first focus is on the efficiency of adaptation, highlighting the importance of creating a solid framework with clear targets and pathways. Moreover, they discuss the need for securing funding, which can determine the efficiency of solutions. In the succeeding segment, the panelists discuss the involvement of the public in adaptation schemes. They emphasise the significance of incorporating a broad range of stakeholders, especially because, as in the case of the Rotterdam project, the projects will usually serve a diverse population in the area. They also emphasise the importance of inclusivity in climate adaptation.

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Author: Johan Verlinde (Urban Adaptation for the City of Rotterdam), Tabea Lissner, Tan Nguan Sen (PUB, Singapore's National Water Agency), He Qihui (PUB, Sin

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